9.21 HD Models up for Grabs


One of our sources WOT Express has posted a mod file containing the new HD textures we posted here . This pack allows the 9.20.1 client to use the new renders as skins. I have downloaded scanned and installed the mod file and it works fine.The insallation instructions were to extract the folder and copy it to the root directory of the World of Tanks folder when you would be asked to confirm you wish to replace or merge, I opened the folder then the following folder to get the 921.WoTExpress.wotmod file and copied that directly to the mod/ folder.


I used the Google link. Mine was fine but be carefull.


2 comments on “9.21 HD Models up for Grabs

  1. FCM_2C_Jesus says:

    the 105 on my S35 CA looks amazing

  2. Donny Yao says:

    T25/2 appears to have kept standard definition guns, and its decals appear too high.

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