9.21. ST-I Armor changes In the HD. move


The changes are not large. The most significant appear to be in the size and sloping of the turret and it’s sides.

Source WoT Express



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16 comments on “9.21. ST-I Armor changes In the HD. move

  1. Anonymous says:

    it looks lilke a cupola nerf to me which was unnecessary. WG back at it again.

  2. Shishkin says:

    Something is not right. On the HD ST-1 pictures the lower hull front has a upside down isosceles trapezoid ( trapezoid in which the base angles are equal ) shape, but here on the collision model the lower hull front has rectangle shape.

  3. Looks like the sloping might be ever so slightly worse, or should I say, not as good? Also, the shade of yellow seams a bit lighter so I think that the turret nerf ain’t all the story.

  4. Sepp says:

    Time to sell it, i’d say. Armor is a bit worse (especially Turret with bigger cupola) and nothing in compensation. I better play Conqueror then…

  5. Indy_ah says:

    The drivers hatch is a clear nerf, same thickness less angle, also it looks like the hole upper front is less angeled then before, therefore also a nerf. The 9.21 model looks like an is4 hull to me. The cupola also became a bit bigger.
    Dunno if the STI need that treatment.

  6. Suka says:

    The cupola nerf was totally deserved, actually that isn’t a weakspot.

  7. sippi81 says:

    the new drivers hatch seems to be weak now dont know why they had to nerf it
    ST 1 is on of the worse tier 9 imho

  8. Mario Scalas says:

    I guess they are not going to make the ST-I better than IS-4 …

  9. Infernal969 says:

    Lmao, because the armor on this thing wasn’t bad enough already.


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