6 comments on “9.21. Armor changes In the HD. move: Pt 2

  1. Iron_Tsunami says:

    Does the T25/2 lose the long 90mm? Why does the new one seem to only have the Hellcat gun?

    • jerryatrick53 says:

      The long 90 is the first gun and the short 90 is the second gun. you can install the HD mod I posted and see for your self.

  2. OeilBleu says:

    I expected a few buffs to the 110, the armor on the hull is really bad against most guns at tier 8 now

  3. 9.20.1 ConwayIsPrettyNice says:

    Tfw evwrything i used to painfuly grinded got better armor and stats.

  4. crumlicharts says:

    I get that they’re essentially the same, but who’s idea was it to compare the upgraded SD turret to the stock HD turret?

  5. wolvenworks says:

    wtf happened to the T25/2?

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