21 comments on “British AT Armor Changes

  1. Im rushing to FV 215b 183 (currently at Tortoise) but seeing those buffs I almost regret that I didnt grind that line bit later.

  2. Jeffrey Bangle says:

    I still understand the need to nerf the AT-2. With its current speed and gun, the thick armor was only thing that made it playable…

  3. Pangzhu says:

    wow, the at 2 gets royally buttraped for no reason. guess they need the tier 5 to be shit, so the tier 6 will stand out as being better…
    the at 2 seriously does not deserve this sledgehammer of an armor nerf…

    the buff to the at 8 atcually looks fair, even though many things will still just pen you through the giant cupola

  4. Ragnarokbazil says:

    I can already see at8+ being the new OIs and jap superheavies lol

  5. GamingW/War says:

    So, more armor should fix it? More low tier tanks firing gold! Yeah! More grinding/ spending money!

    Yes, I know you can get around them and pen them with relative ease but who honestly is going to do that these days? It’s all about sitting back and staying safe at mid to long range. “Heavy tank road” on Himmelsdorf for example. All the heavy amored tanks go there to square off and they both just sit at the end of the road not moving because they don’t want to die.
    Now put new improved brit TD’s in the mix.

  6. Tomm says:

    I just cannot accept AT2 front armor changes at all, I just imagine Tier V AT doesn’t exist anymore.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think AT2 is good as it is

  8. I really don’t understand the AT 2 armor nerf, but I absolutely understand the AT 8 buff. The AT 8 is trash as is

  9. Mikosah says:

    A buff was needed but idiot-proof armor with no frontal weakspots is really just asking for code 22 spam. Were it up to me, I would have just given this line better view range and hull traverse.

  10. I’m happy about the at8 armour buff, currently grinding it and it’s horrible to play when even tier 5s can pen you easily from front not to mention the awkwardness of where the gun is, it’s a pain going round left hand corners with the massive weak spot on the right of the tank, getting shot and killed before been able to bring the gun to bear, combined with the slow speed and traverse, takes longer to go round corners showing the weakspot even longer, at least with the armour buff I can actually take hits while bringing gun to bear, obviously in a tier 8 game the armour will still be trash lol

  11. xxAlohaxx says:

    AT8 buff is needed.
    On the other hand AT2 nerf was unecessary. AT2 is so slow moving and slow turning…it is easy to flank it. Now everyone can pen it form all directions, including from the front.

  12. Veltro says:

    and i was grinding through the AT2 so well, time to sell it now

  13. Zarax says:

    AT-2 only had the armor going for itself… Guns were ok-ish… None could handle a KV-1 from the front reliably for example (that’s bad for a TD). It was not the best but was fun. Best moments were 1 vs 1 against light tanks that had no chance to pen you and you could not touch them because they were too fast.. it was hilarious. Now? It will be just a slow moving xp pinnata. Unless they improve the guns.

  14. 0natvar0 says:

    And still no one niticed that the ass of the AT-8 is in fact the asss of the AT-7 …

  15. PotatoCakes says:

    i’m guessing noobs can’t aim at the glaring weakspot on top of the AT-2 that’s why it needs an armor nerf. . .

  16. Anonymous says:

    Leave the fucking AT-2 alone.

  17. Hotpointius says:

    Given how slow it is the only protection the AT-2 had from artillery was its armour, which was so thick it took multiple hits to put it down. I would imagine it’ll get pounded to scrap in short order now with these proposed changes, even with a spall liner fitted.

  18. Anonyymitankki says:

    That AT-8 buff has to be a joke…

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