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This micropatch Introduced two new “” folders into the root folders “mods” and “resmods”. To get my “Aslains” mod pack working I copied the contents of the old folders to the new folders and my mods worked, at least in the garage, couldn’t play as had to go to work. Hope this helps.

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  1. why says:

    WoT EU both login servers seem to be down, even support page shows they are up?

  2. L3gionaire says:

    Those 2 folders were there for quite some time

  3. gary wilson says:

    aslain has a new patch out

  4. DickherMax says:

    I just use Relhax Modpack, it’s basically a continuation of the old OMC Modpack but open source and on steroids, the way it handles mods updates and the fact it is fast as hell (the creator is a bit nuts about performance, feels like he reaches Nirvana every time he was able to cut install/extract time even by 0.2s). And they added pretty much every mod I requested, even mods which seemed to die out around 9.15…
    Damn, I wish this modpack was around some years ago.

    And no, regardless the name the mod is not illegal.

  5. NitroXpress says:

    My new female crewmember have 100% i Sisterhood of Steel, but 0% in the 2nd perk – shouldn´t that be 100% aswell?

  6. Anzelmas says:

    You could run replay file to check if game runs and how mods work.

  7. Jim says:

    Seriosuly man, how many fucking subversion number do you need to hide your incompetence. v4.1 What fukcing rank-amateur programmer has version numbers for his micropatches? Insane and illustrates how things are messed up at WHoregaming central.


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