3 comments on “British AT Armor Changes Pt-3

  1. Indy_ah says:

    Holy weakspot removal

  2. pt76 says:

    Here we go again. Next AT15 and 15A, Tort and so on. This TD gets 200 armor full front totally changing the game balance

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems fair enough to me.

    Alpha damage is still bad and gun arcs are still bad for the AT8 and AT7 but at least with good armour all these slow British TDs can properly poke the front line without being murdered.

    This is an upgrade from being a very slow support TD that has to hang back because of horrible armour holes and often not doing enough alpha damage to track other tanks (very important if you want to win a trade with a smaller gun).

    But the CGC will always be a very slow support TD with garbage armour. At least it has a good gun for tier 6 (which the AT8 doesn’t).


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