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Aufk. Panzer V Stat Update

Good day everyone,

Some more recent stats for the old Awful Panther making it’s way back into the game as a Tier 8 premium:


  • Tier VIII
  • Hit Points: 1100
  • Turret Armor: 85/50/40mm
  • Hull Armor: 50/30/30mm
  • Turret Rotation: 48 deg/sec
  • Hull Rotation: 44 deg/sec
  • Engine Power: 900hp
  • Power to Weight: 21.5 hp/t
  • View Range: 410m
  • Speed: +65/-25 kph
  • Gun Depression/Elevation: -10/+20 deg.
  • Avg. Penetration: 204mm
  • Avg. Damage: 180
  • Accuracy: 0.33
  • Aim Time: 1.5 sec.
  • Reload: 5.2 sec.

33 thoughts on “Aufk. Panzer V Stat Update

  1. 180 alpha thats not bad at all. i loved this thing back in the day so cant wait to potentially get another one,

  2. i thought that the point of this tank was to have the same hull armor as the tier 7 panther. what im seeing is that this has only 50/30/30 with the normal panther 85/50/40. not sure im going to get this as they are messing with the lights too much, like taking away the derp from the vk 28.01 and removing the auto-loader from the spic. these tank are just not the same when you mess with what made them unique.

    1. The armor values are 85/50/40 for the hull and 50/30/30 for the turret.
      Just a mix-up of the numbers.

    2. Its an error, the turret and hull stats are switched.

  3. And what about the ELC EVEN?

  4. Looks like a fun tank! Too bad tier 8 is as unpleasant as being tortured with a hot iron…..

    1. It’s a light. Lights don’t give a monkeys if toptier or not.

  5. They dropped the Pen by 20mm 🙁

    Just another light tank now, move on, nothing to see here…

  6. View Range: 410m WTF that is better than most Tier X Lts. WG your on crack!

  7. A Tier 8 premium light that has more view range than a Tier 10 light… Seems balanced…

    1. Well, it is way larger than a tier X light, so the camo won’t be good for a light. Keep in mind, both stats define the window of opportunity for effective spotting without being seen in return

      1. Unless they changed it, it has 10% base camo. Only slightly more than Panther mediums, which get 9% or so. That’s awfull for a light tank. Some mediums have better camo while moving than this had/has while standing still.

  8. 50 hull armor ? its literally a PANTHER chassis . It should have the same amount

    1. The armor numbers are switched. On the russian paper its correct. Just a number switch error in the process of translation.

      1. Now they are right.

  9. 65 Kph, 410m . max sight, 208 mmm and 180 alpha … I want one

  10. Your update 2.0 arrived on short notice and is unloved by many, leaving a taste of a good game being taken away from them. Are there any plans to…
    – compensate for the unwanted product change? (I would not have been investing time and money for four years in the game had it been like 2.0 since alpha)
    – roll back / undo parts of the update?
    – bring back “old” parts of 1.x?

    1. Umm, this isn’t the WoWP Q&A thread…

  11. Camo rating of this tank is just awful, it needs decent viewrange.

  12. Looks overpowered and On Par with the also overpowered M41 GF…

  13. yup………..exactly what the game is in dire need of………another tier 8 premium tank

    1. its a reward tank its not ment to be sold at all.. if you played the tier 7 with 1 battle you get it for free

      1. Erm, source for that please Ragnarok. As far as I’ve heard it’s not a replacement vehicle just a regular tier 8 premium you have to buy regardless if you’ve owned the tank before or not

  14. It will come together with Tiger II (P) and Jagdtiger (H) in 2023

  15. Potential candidate for the Advent calendar?

  16. It needs 228 pen for being as big as a medium lol

  17. look it’s a Mobile Ramming Device (MRD) so i want to know…how much does it weight? can’t ram fo shit if you weight like a feather

    1. about 40 kg

  18. isnt it too big for a light tenk? whatever, lets call it “the fence”

    1. I’m going to assume you didn’t play back when this thing was on the tech tree before the Ru 251. The tank is like the T49 in that its good for meme’ing since it can even ram kill medium tanks and specializes as a light tank hunter.

  19. Its not that 410m view range is so extreme for tier 8 (some mediums of this tier have 400m) rather that many other light tanks are hilariously blind.

    Also, does the Awful-Panzer get a gold shell in light of the pen nerf?

  20. Its gun almost looks identical to the 75/55 Waffe on the vk 30.01, except with better soft stats

  21. Always puts a smile on my face to see more info about this thing as we get closer to its release. Them finally bringing it back makes all that thread bumping of my suggestion worthwhile to get the thing brought back into the game.

    Suggestion Thread on NA for those that are curious…


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