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Chieftains new book

Christmas present fodder. If you have a fighting vehicle obsessed partner or friend here is a possible gift from the Chieftain.

3 thoughts on “Chieftains new book

  1. i want that. don’t think it’ll pop up in kinokuniya jakarta tho. that’s the best bookstore chain in indonesia, and even then their selection of tank/AFV stuff is preety limited to WW2 stuff usually (like those thin booklets that focus solely on the Panzer Is), and those are barely affordable for me. the thicker books goes around Rp500k+….paid around that much for that tank book from Bovington (that somehow popped up in Periplus of all shops, a smaller local competitor that specializes in imported books)

  2. Anyone know if it’s possible to get one shipped to the UK for a reasonable shipping cost?

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