WoT Micropatch tonight.


Micropatch for

On RU. On November 29, we will release a small update. The servers will be unavailable from 6:00 to 6:45 (MST). Scheduled reboots for tonight are canceled.

On EU, The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 29.11.2017 from 05:00 – 05:45 CET due to this update.

No news about NA servers.

Patch Notes. From RU Portal. To fix:

  • An error in Personal missions, because of which the player could receive a reward camouflage, having completed only 74 tasks out of 75 missions.
  • An error, due to which it was impossible to apply reward camouflage when the conditions of the Personal missions are met.
  • An error in the displayed power of the Continental AOI-628-1 A engine: incorrect figure of 340 bhp. will be changed to 600 bhp.
  • Some technical issues.

This patch will also introduce two new folders /res_mods/ and /mods/ .These will of course break the any mods you have installed.

Source WoT RU, WoT EU and DoM1N.

11 comments on “WoT Micropatch tonight.

  1. Another micropatch … amazing.

  2. Tomm says:

    They promised also audio fix for next micropatch, if anyone had problems with audio…

  3. balc0ra says:

    Well… 2 of those things have been in 3 of the 5 last mircopatches. The reward camo fixes “T28 HTC”. So I have little faith in them fixing it this time either tbh.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its just shocking how shoddy the product is that WG produces. I wonder if they could ever put our one single patch that was not infested with bugs.

  5. BingoBango says:

    Does anyone have the bug where your tank’s stats wont change despite you changing the equipment, gear and so on?

  6. Varia Vespasa says:

    Same trick of copying the res_mods and mods folders contents into the folders works btw.

  7. Ivan Stalin says:

    It hasn’t been 24/hrs since the latest patch…well done WG.

  8. wolvenworks says:

    oh great. time to go back to the wimpy gun sounds until Aslain figures out why there’s 2 mod files i guess

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