For Supertest Aufklärungspanzer V Version IV


A version of the Aufklärungspanzer V is going to Supertest with a 105mm gun. This will be tested along side the previous 75mm gun version, the final choice will be made between the two.



  • Hit Points, 1150, +50.
  • Engine Power, 1200 bhp, +300.
  • Specific Power, 26.67 bhp/ton, +5.17.
  • Turret Traverse, 36 deg/s, -12.
  • View Range, 390m, -10m.

Gun Stats.

  • Penetration, 167/200/105,
  • Damage, 330/330/430,
  • DPM, 2,106.4.
  • Reload, 9.4s.
  • RoF. 6.38/min.
  • Dispersion, 0.42,
  • Aim time, 1.5s
  • Gun Elevation +20°/-10°

Thanks to DoM1N for the heads up. Source WoT on VK.

33 comments on “For Supertest Aufklärungspanzer V Version IV

  1. StandupPhilosopher says:

    just give him both guns^^

  2. Havoc199 says:

    Omg. That’s a light tank that actually not terrible? :O

    Well it’s only pretending to be a light…more a med like the t54lt…..

  3. Deano says:

    a 105mm gun? i did not see that coming…side note this thing has higher alpha than the tier 10 light tank right? thats hilarious XD

  4. mredweird says:

    LOL for a second I thought they would give it the VK 28.01’s old 105.

  5. Backslash says:

    so…..can we just get the derp back o the vk 28.01 instead? let the Aufl keep the waffe 75.

  6. Zorin says:

    Did they put the GT 101 engine in there? 1200 Hp.
    If prefer the 75 but 105 is something to fit it’s playstyle more I guess?
    (censored gun?)

  7. Anonymous says:

    NSFW 18+

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ letter the derp gun reign

  9. Blankman says:

    The AP pen is somewhat lacking, but the HE is quite nice.. A quirky light tank, i want it..

  10. Mikosah says:

    A light tank at tier 8 having this kind of alpha is unprecedented, especially considering that it still has fast aim time and the typical 2.1k base DPM. I like it, I think it would do just fine. But having said that, tier 8 lights and mediums are infamous for having laughable firepower. Overall balancing at this tier and for light tanks in general may need some more work.

  11. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Testing which version will consume moar goald ammo per battle?

  12. SquishyStar says:

    The lack of complaints on the gun changes are mesmerizing~ .3.

  13. Partybooper says:

    If the turret stays the same… How the hell will they fit the gun breech of a 105 mm gun with 10° of gun depression in that turret?!?!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Really 0.42 dispersion?? so… not for me

  15. Mike-T 2016 says:

    •Penetration, 167/200/105,

    that’s a Tier 7 gun at best with 167 pen

    330 alpha means nothing if it cannot pen all those Tier 10’s which it will see 75% of every battle

    So a LT that’s forced to get in close and brawl
    suppose actual ‘Scouting’ is now for the Medium Tanks ……

  16. Kyros says:

    So it’s the A-44 Gun in 10 times better ? Well well well how the tables have turned. Remember me calling out A-44 rotten garbage ? Well now we have the same Gun 10x better on a 10x better tank.

  17. malkavian_str says:

    All hail King Hep

  18. Vanler DearNoob says:

    basically it is the new light tanks ripper. Monster HE (better tha the old RU) big, fat and fast. The nightmare of the RHM

  19. p2w says:

    goes on and on

  20. Arbeitssklave says:

    Its all about the Gun….. Scheiß PEN wird nicht gekauft.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If that thing keeps the 105 mm gun with the same stats that are shown here (at least the pen and damage) I will buy it. This looks like a premium tank that is actually fun to play 😀

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