8 comments on “WoT HD Maps: Ruinberg, Steppes, and Fisherman’s Bay

  1. Zonda says:

    omg the eye candy.

  2. Notice how the various bush covers on Ruinburg along mid have been removed or reduced. Guess they got annoyed with cover fire from the fiddle center going into the heavy brawling area. Wish they would stop removing cover and firing positions when they “HD Improve” these maps.

    • Vlad says:

      Yeah, just wait untill you see what they did with the Fjords, that open area where many players like to play in meds, td,s and lights, there are literarly no hard cover anymore ( rocks) or any bushes they removed them all. Wg at its finnest not knowing what they doing LUL

    • Anonymous says:

      So u’re saying they shouldnt allow the heavies to have any covered, instead give more spots for LT’s to snipe and become the damage dealers? That right there is how u imbalance a game.

  3. Suka says:

    Steppes were in the Sandbox before.

  4. nubajj says:

    hd maps when?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fisherman’s bay looks like the battlefield one map from “They shall not pass” DLC

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