WoT-Wallpaper for January 2018


For January it’s the FV217 Badger. I’ll save you the WG spiel and just post the pic and links.



Further Updates to the Soviet Heavy Branch


Good day everyone,

So, despite news that the new branch of rear-turreted Soviet heavies would be branching off of the KV-13, posts on the RU forums have now indicated that this may not be the final decision, and that the developers are looking to branch them off from the IS:


Friends, pay attention to important information! We listened to your feedback, and at the moment we decided that a new branch of Soviet heavy tanks (Obj. 705A branch) will be explored through the IS, not through the KV-13. Also please note that this decision is not final and may change. 

As stated, there seems to be no real final decision on the matter, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more in the near future.

Soviet Heavy Branch Update


Good day everyone,

Very brief post, but answering a question many have asked over the past couple of weeks. Recently announced at WG Fest in Moscow, it seems the KV-13 will now serve a purpose as the starting point for the new Soviet heavy branch. Staying at Tier 7, the Tier 8 IS-M will follow.


T-44 Further Supertest Changes


Good day everyone,

So a few more changes to the T-44 are coming out of supertest, here is what we have now:

  • Horsepower: 680 → 820
  • Maximum Reverse Speed: 20 → 23kph
  • Shot Scatter During Hull Traverse: 0.173 → 0.134
  • Shot Scatter During Forward Movement: 8.8 → 6.85
  • Shot Scatter During Hull Traverse w/ Forward Movement: 7.59 → 5.91

Changes to 100mm LB-1 Gun:

  • DPM: 2055.7 → 2234.7
  • Reload: 7.192 → 6.712 sec.
  • Rate of Fire: 8.343 → 8.393