War Thunder 1.75: French Tanks arrive


Good day to all of you. Today the contents of 1.75 have been teased with a major announcement: the French ground forces are arriving to War Thunder.

As of today there are 3 pre-order packs: the B1ter (tier II) for €14.99, the Sherman M4/FL10 (tier III) for 29.99 and finally the AMX 13 SS.11 (tier IV) for 39.99.


Stay tuned for more updates, and for all you french tank fans, it appears to be a joyeux Noel :3.

11 comments on “War Thunder 1.75: French Tanks arrive

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s funny is that Sherman, is Egyptian.

  2. nrnstraswa says:

    YES! At long last, French tanks in War Thunder.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I knew the amx 13 ss-11 would be in game

  4. Tomm says:

    B1ter is what B1 is really, makes difference with captured B2.

  5. dinepada says:

    and they have multigun system for B1!!! bye bye wot and single turret system sayonara


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