Advent Calendar Day 4



Todays offer the American tier VI Premium medium Tank Fury for £17.10. Currently there is only one bundle on EU, NA has the same bundle for $24.49.

  •  M4A3E8 Fury;
  • Garage Slot;
  • Gold: 2,500;
  • 15×missions: x5 XP for each victory;
  • Crew: 100% on Major Qualifications.


10 comments on “Advent Calendar Day 4

  1. hemihaynes says:

    Is NA and EU different or is this suppost to be day 4?

    • Ragnarokbazil says:

      I can’t wait till we get the awfulpanther for free awfulpanther drivers! Ill be ramming scumbags and tanks in general for years.. Lets not forget mediums too lol.

  2. SEA_Survivor says:

    Not sure if it is incompetence or indifference, but SEA get their advent calendar 1 hour AFTER EU, even though we are several hours ahead of EU with regards to time zones…

    But then again, this is also the server where they were not planning on halting clan-wars over Christmas/New Years, as it wasn’t an “important” holiday for the server, a few years back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Day 4.

  4. Mexican says:

    You mean day 4? :3

  5. jerryatrick53 says:

    EU and NA don’t always have the same deals. I have fixed the day, the trouble with posting just after falling out of bed at 7am.

  6. Great little bugger with almost 2,5k dpm and great mobility.


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