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War Thunder 1.75: M4A4 (SA50)

Good day ladies and gentlemen, continuing the large amount of WT devblogs, today we have a mid tier addition to the upcoming French line up, the M4A4 (SA50). This addition is one of the Israeli Super Sherman variants and will be comparable to the Sherman firefly in regards to its firepower.

This tank will be an interesting mid tier addition and given it’s similarity to the Sherman Firefly, you should expect a very similar style of gameplay, using the excellent cannon and mobility to get into positions where you can exploit enemy flanks or weak positions. Though given the Sherman’s armour thickness you shouldn’t expect to be bouncing many shots at close to mid range.

So with this in the French tree, it is reasonable to guess the M-51 may take its place in the tree along side it. As always, will see you for the next on

14 thoughts on “War Thunder 1.75: M4A4 (SA50)

  1. Israely tank, from USA, but within french tree… start to be jerky…

    1. either have it in the French tech tree or never have it, take a pick.

      1. Us prem then

  2. When will the patch go live thinking of buying the b1 preorder

  3. Stop calling it super Sherman goddamnit, it is only m4a4 sa50 or m-50 Sherman. The M-51 also was never named super Sherman

  4. Not bad. Though this vehicle was never operated by the French, it was constructed by them. If they’re going to include it, it’s a lot easier to roll it out with the French instead of putting together an entire Israeli tree.

    1. i agree with you, it’s a shame people can’t understand this simple fact.

  5. The M4A4(SA50) is not an Israeli tank… The M-50, which is a copy of the M4A4(SA50) is an Israeli tank.
    The M4A4(SA50) is an export tank built by France as the M4A1(FL10) or the AMX 32 or the AMX 40. So it seems pretty normal to have it in the french tech tree.
    By the way, there are at least two differences between the M4A4(SA50) and the M-50 : suspension and engine.
    Thanks for not making this mistake over and over again 😉

    PS : M4A1(CN-105-F1) and M-51 are different too…

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong Teckyota, but didn’t France convert most of its Shermans over to the Continental R-975 radial engine and the M4A1-style engine deck? Why would they build this vehicle on an unconverted M4A4 for export when Israel was already converting their own Shermans over to the same Continental R-975 radial engine and M4A1-style engine deck? Especially given that the prototype vehicle was based on an M4A2 Sherman. And Israeli M-50s used the VVSS as well, being converted to the HVSS sometime in the 1960s. So the suspension isn’t a difference.

      Likewise, the M4A1(FL10) was never used for export and was merely the prototype, as the Egyptians used M4A4/M4A2 hybrid Shermans (M4A4s with the Chrysler multibank replaced with the M4A2’s GM 6046 diesel engine) with the FL10 turrets.

  6. Am I the only one here asking “what the h3ll WOT is waiting for ?” Their french tech tree has a enormous “medium hole” in the mid tier, 6 to 8 to be precise. And tons of fans have been suggeting this time after time.
    I mean, there is the Indian Panzer(built for others, never used), why not something like this ?

    1. But in WoT french tree has tier 8 premium Israeli Sherman with 105 mil. But yeah, I hear ya, full medium line would’ve been nice.

    2. Well they are busy making fake tanks atm.

  7. WHen this tanks will come out I think I’m gonna switch between WG and WT again. Just to play with the French.

  8. i would be nice if they made Israeli tech tree as there is a lot of tanks they could use for it as the IDF has used a lot of different vehicles

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