World of Tanks – Micropatch 0.9.21_1


Work Notice

This patch rolls out overnight on RU, EU and NA. It seems the contents are the same in all three regions. Note this patch will probably introduce new mod folders and break Mods.

On RU. On December 21, we will release a small update. The servers will be unavailable from 6:00 to 6:45 (MST).

on EU. The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 21.12.2017 from 05:00 – 05:45 CET due to this update.

On NA. There are plans to release Micropatch 0.9.21_1 on December 21st, 2017. Maintenance will begin at 01:00 Pacific Time (09:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour. During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.

Patch Notes.

  • Fixed the issue with the display icon of Siege Mode in the Post-mortem when switching between allies.
  • Fixed the issue of the box opening animation when the image didn’t match the information in the tool-tip.
  • Fixed the issue with some customization elements during the 9.21 Update.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

3 comments on “World of Tanks – Micropatch 0.9.21_1

  1. you mean, we alreay have 😛

  2. AndyAliens says:

    Want to bet that all the old free camos we have will charge to be applied to other vehicles.

  3. Dunpeal says:

    Here’s a suggestion to WG: introduce daily patches. That way you can annoy modusers even more.


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