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T-44 Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

Super brief post, but a few changes to the T-44 are being tested, and here is what we have so far:

  • Engine Power: 680 → 820 HP
  • Maximum Speed: +51/-20 → +51/-23 kph
  • LB-1 Reload Time: 7.5 → 7 sec.
  • Shot Scatter During Hull Traverse: 0.18 → 0.14

That’s it for now.

17 thoughts on “T-44 Supertest Changes

  1. This is another case of mostly noobs playing Russian tanks and “our statistics showed that T44 is underperforming so we decided to improve it”

    1. most noobs play german tank becouse only now to germany tank in stupid documentary movie

    2. T44 need buff ! or need nerf pershing he is too much op !

    1. FO dude! Get a new line!

  2. While I’m glad they are buffing it compared to the premiums, it really doesn’t need buffing…

  3. When they buff a normal Tank: Buff Buff Buff Nerf Nerf
    When they buff a stronk national soviet Hero Tonku: Buff Buff Buff Buff , nothing Nerfed.

    1. I play this game in first beta 2010 and most time nerf soviet tank . Muas and e100 buff 100x and is4 and is7 nefr most time like KV most nerf tank is a KV line…. Now all can pen KV…

  4. All I can say is DAMN that’s Crazy!

  5. … It says T44. I dont get why you assume its one of the premium versions of the T44.

  6. This could be a positive sign in the long run. Not that the T-44 in particular is so terrible and needs to be buffed, but that tier 8 mediums in general are unimpressive tier-for-tier. Notably in terms of DPM, Discounting the obj 416 (which is really a TD), 2.1k is the upper end for tier 8 medium base DPM, and that’s a tragedy.

    And as an aside, many light tanks are in a similar situation. Though in their case I recommend view range buffs.

  7. Any reason to play t-34-2? I guess it is too broken to get a buff….

  8. Completely unneeded.
    Leopard 1 could easily be higher on the list.

  9. *russian anthem intensifies*

  10. If the T-44 gets buffed then the T-34-2 must follow suit, WG. That tier 8 medium needs more help than the T-44 I think.

  11. I grinded through the T-44 after its last buff… Seriously, this is one of the tier 8 mediums which DOESN’T need a buff! It’s the tier 8 medium with the highest average damage in my list by far!

  12. Any chance of this being extended to the t-44-100?

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