12 comments on “Breaking News from WG Fest (update)

  1. Shadow hunter says:


  2. sefhyro says:

    next years joke…

  3. Batax56 says:

    I wonder… why the sudden change? Afaik, wot being in a permanent beta gave them benefit in operating in the EU, something to do with customer laws

    • zefeka says:

      WoT isn’t in beta since 2011… It’s not because the version number os 0.X that mean it’s a beta…

      • Batax56 says:

        I know it’s not in beta, but I’ve read thst in a strict legal sense, they’re running it as beta in the papers, that’s the reason for the numeration, and also, I think, the reason why different regions have such diverse community handling policies. EU law would make them do stuff thst they don’t have to do unless the game isn’t actually launched yet, so they can be perpetually in this testing phase and not giving a damn about the players. A bitnof context, I’ve been around since cbt ans I remember most of wg shitstorms and that one is kind of fond to me because I deal in law irl.

  4. anunculturedswine says:


  5. mredweird says:

    People are gonna go ballistic over the 1.0.
    I hope they realize it means exactly nothing, as it has historically been for F2P games.

  6. mirotordaji says:

    what is the big deal with 1.0?…..new patch? new maps? new tank tree?

  7. Anyone says:

    Seems way to early for all this hype given the long list of broken promises from WG.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree it seems way too early to start the hype for this, but is an indication of what is going on with the player base…. they are still loosing veteran players, and they are trying to stop the bleeding.

      The simple solution to stop losing their player base is: (a.) listen to the player base and focus on their requests, and (b.) don’t break promises, and (c.) no more secret nerfs and RNG changes.

  8. Vlad says:

    I’ll just be happy if they’ll start banning cheaters as its flooded with cheaters now

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