8 comments on “WG Fest: WoT 1.0 new Graphics and Audio Gameplay video

  1. MozzaBurger says:


    My gold seems to have been well spent at least 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks good 🙂

  3. Kyros says:

    Nonono NO ! Stop it ! Don’t give credit to that animal. He did not made this video, it’s either stolen from someone else or made by a paid professional.

    Who ever made it is a genius, he even matched the beat/sound of the songs to the displayed visuals. This is work of a perfectionist and not that monkey behind WoT Express.

  4. jabster says:

    all that work on new graphics!!! but graphics isn’t the reason players leave wot,
    corrupt mm +rng, is the reason wot is hemoraging players

  5. Doowlax says:

    wooooow just one word for this video – beautifull.Probably the best video for WOT so far.

  6. roadkill21 says:

    “WOT 1.0 coming this march”
    Shit, guess I splet through that one. 🤣

  7. Paradox1982 says:

    Its good to see the game is finally getting some map graphics improvements. After playing WoT Console for a few months it felt like the PC version was a bit plain in comparison. Maybe in the future we can get a few weather effects like rain or snow falling.

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