WG Fest: WoT 1.0 new Graphics and Audio Gameplay video


Good afternoon everyone,

WoT Express has posted this video showing off the new graphics and audio for WoT 1.0 coming this march. It includes the previously shown Prokhorovka and two new maps: Lakeville and Arctic Region.

8 comments on “WG Fest: WoT 1.0 new Graphics and Audio Gameplay video

  1. MozzaBurger says:


    My gold seems to have been well spent at least 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks good 🙂

  3. Kyros says:

    Nonono NO ! Stop it ! Don’t give credit to that animal. He did not made this video, it’s either stolen from someone else or made by a paid professional.

    Who ever made it is a genius, he even matched the beat/sound of the songs to the displayed visuals. This is work of a perfectionist and not that monkey behind WoT Express.

  4. jabster says:

    all that work on new graphics!!! but graphics isn’t the reason players leave wot,
    corrupt mm +rng, is the reason wot is hemoraging players

  5. Doowlax says:

    wooooow just one word for this video – beautifull.Probably the best video for WOT so far.

  6. roadkill21 says:

    “WOT 1.0 coming this march”
    Shit, guess I splet through that one. 🤣

  7. Paradox1982 says:

    Its good to see the game is finally getting some map graphics improvements. After playing WoT Console for a few months it felt like the PC version was a bit plain in comparison. Maybe in the future we can get a few weather effects like rain or snow falling.

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