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Wowp bonus code PCPWOWP2


It contains a Focke Wulf FW 56 Stosser and a Spitfire 1a each one coming with a hangar slot.

Works for NA and EU

12 thoughts on “Wowp bonus code PCPWOWP2

  1. thx a lot

  2. I already had spitfire – so i got only FW56 no gold, no creds, not even premium ammunition for spitfire Ia
    Note to myself – don’t buy any planes ever again

    1. had both of the planes, just got 2 hangar slots.
      and yes, no more planes until they make WoWp a decent game again.
      2.0 hit Warplanes like Rubicon… #sad

      1. 2.0 saved the game, it made it unique and enjoyable instead of a crap version of War Thunder.

    1. it’s for already existing accounts. (and new ones too)

      1. Thanks a ton, i just got a new pc and downloaded wowp and with this code. Im already at a jumpstart 😀

  3. Sweet thanks finally a free plane I can actually use.

  4. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the codes!

  6. Thanks for the code.

  7. Thank you so much! I restarted playing this game since 2.0, and I quite enoy it. My favorite tier is 5 and 6 with the original WW2 aircraft, so I’m in love with this Spittfire.
    Thanks a lot!!!


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