Soviet Heavy Branch Update


Good day everyone,

Very brief post, but answering a question many have asked over the past couple of weeks. Recently announced at WG Fest in Moscow, it seems the KV-13 will now serve a purpose as the starting point for the new Soviet heavy branch. Staying at Tier 7, the Tier 8 IS-M will follow.


36 comments on “Soviet Heavy Branch Update

  1. DreadForce83 says:

    This is gonna B AWESOME 😀

  2. sturmi0545 says:

    as you mentioned in your WG fest 2017 news 😉

    “Three new HTs with rear-mounted turrets will make their debut at Tiers VIII–X: the IS-2Sh → Object 705 → Object 705A. Researchable from the KV-13, this bunch take after the IS-7 in the speed and armor departments and offer original gameplay that feels like a blend between the Kpw. VII and the IS-7.”

    • DecoNoir says:

      Ha, just noticed. One of the downsides to having 4-5 authors doing things at any one time. Still, considering it’s been much asked about I think it was worth pointing out again in big bold text

    • armando30wot says:

      nope, IS-2Sh will be released as a premium, think about it:
      they announced a new Obj.416>>Obj.430II>> new tier 10, with this the STG becomes the perfect premium to train crews for this one line
      they also announced a new HT line with the T-10 at tier 9 and something new at Tier 10, most likely another pike-nosed HT with with less armour than normal along the lines of the T-10 and Obj.252, both have strong turrets and most of their armour in the front and good mobility
      it seems to me that when they mentioned «logical gameplay progression» they were thinking mostly of adapting the lines to existing or possible new premium tanks, that way I would not exclude the possibility of us seeing a soviet turreted TD line as well in 2018 to make the T-103 more usefull as a training platform for the new TDs

  3. Ion7 says:

    Dusted off my kv85 to begin the grind to the kv13 and then stockpile on the kv13. Looking forward to these newcomers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    KV-13 will become heavy…

  5. Game Hunter says:

    It seems that the kv-13 will be turned into a heavy (look at the icon above). What do you know about that?

  6. Gorlog says:

    On that image it looks like the KV-13 will become a heavy. will it become a heavy?

  7. Mario Scalas says:

    Yeah, my next grind! (Now grinding the French HTs)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Um, seriously? Don’t mean to be rude, but this is ridiculous. Why on earth would you extend the branch of rear-mounted heavy tanks from a forward -mounted medium branch? Why wouldn’t you extend it from the rear-mounted medium branch, aka the A-44? It makes so much more sense, I mean come on…

    • Torgar says:

      Because we all know Wargaming doesn’t invest in common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s WG. A few weeks ago they said they were abandoning plans to knock the obj. 263 to tier 9 and putting in a high alpha tier 10 in its place, only to come back and say their still gonna try it. They even mentioned how the super negative feedback from players led them to reverse course only to reverse again and ignore the pleas from players.

  9. Backslash says:

    Would this obj replace the e100? It seems to have amazing frontal armor with no weaknesses like the e100. Also they should rebuff the e5 copula to make it competitive in this new meta.

  10. OSAAMA says:

    KV 13 becomes a heavy too!

  11. Kyros says:

    KV13 to become a heavy. Lol

  12. Wulf Corbett says:

    My all-girl KV-13 crew now have a new career…

  13. Nameless says:

    I’m pretty sure the KV-13 will receive either a 107 mm or a 100 mm. One of these two but not both.

  14. armando30wot says:

    Objectively speaking I do not have anything against their plans for the soviet TT since it means new content, the problem for me is that their “excuse” for it is the very same claim it has been made for the US TT much needed rework that has been requested for years now, the whole «logical gameplay progression» that cannot be found anywhere in the US TT, well, only the most recently added line of the TT can be somewhat called “logical” since the entire LT line is nothing but a bunch of mobile and light armoured vehicles

  15. Anonymous says:

    If KV-13 becomes a Heavy in the same sense how Vk4502A is a heavy, then okay.
    If they make it a slow piece of junk like what happened to VK3601H, then fuck.
    Its an unorthodox tank but I enjoy it, I don’t want to see it become a heavy.

    • armando30wot says:

      it was odd to ever classify it as a medium, in reality the project intention was nothing more than creating a lighter HT

      • Anonymous says:

        WG is pretty liberal when it comes to the true classification of obscure tanks.
        VK3001P is also supposedly a heavy like the once Tier 6 medium Vk3001H and VK3601H;
        Crusader started out as a Light, M7 – a medium;
        I believe T67 stock set up is also a medium;
        T30 used to top out the American heavies;
        Then I believe they made several French TDs mediums/heavies.

        I don’t mind if KV-13 becomes a heavy, as long as it keeps its current mix of characteristics and doesn’t become another IS clone

  16. nrnstraswa says:

    Interesting, time to break out my KV-13 again.

  17. ROMBAT says:

    I,m still waiting for an ”erata” from wg when they’ll annouce that the new line will start from logicall is2 and not from illogical kv13. Changing kv 13 from medium to heavy is a big information wich should be mention in this big news.


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