Further Updates to the Soviet Heavy Branch


Good day everyone,

So, despite news that the new branch of rear-turreted Soviet heavies would be branching off of the KV-13, posts on the RU forums have now indicated that this may not be the final decision, and that the developers are looking to branch them off from the IS:


Friends, pay attention to important information! We listened to your feedback, and at the moment we decided that a new branch of Soviet heavy tanks (Obj. 705A branch) will be explored through the IS, not through the KV-13. Also please note that this decision is not final and may change. 

As stated, there seems to be no real final decision on the matter, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more in the near future.

25 comments on “Further Updates to the Soviet Heavy Branch

  1. Mr. Holmes says:

    Indecision not dope.

    • armando30wot says:

      no, it’s the ususal on the russian server, they made a sh*tstorm about it because they seem to not know that it’s common to go from mediums to heavies in WoT, if no one complains about unlocking the T29 with the Jumbo why should they complain about starting a new HT line from a existing vehicle that is nothing more than a lighter IS?
      VK.30.01 (P) >> Tiger (P)
      Jumbo >> T29
      Matilda >> Churchill
      Type 58 >> IS-2
      they should instead be happy that the KV-13 will now have a purpose

      • peter otoole says:

        Your arguement has faults, let’s see

        Vk30.01p to tiger p; that’s historical, the vk30.01 lead to the development of the tiger p, so logical progression

        Jumbo to T29; your forgetting the fact it’s not the only way to get to the T29, the T1 to M6 is the main progression, also the jumbo is more or less a MT/HT hybrid

        Matilda to Churchill; again a logical progression historically and gameplay wise, as they are both infantry tanks.

        Type58 to IS-2 can’t explain that one really, prob only way to get heavies to fit

      • wheeledtank says:

        To add on to what Peter said, the Jumbo Sherman was the closest thing the Americans had to Heavy Tanks in Europe (Sometimes its even labeled as such), so it going to the T29 makes some sense in that department as well

  2. Shrike58 says:

    How annoying…I started grinding the KV-13 last week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the most reasonable progression should come from the A-44 tbh

  4. Shade01982 says:

    “We listened to your feedback”

    Maybe we should start a pool on how many times they are going to say this.

  5. I just bought the kv13 and used my Christmas event and used my 50% booster on it… oh well i was planning on going to A-44 line anyways. Guess ill rebuy IS

  6. sturmi0545 says:

    hate it when they call their players “friends”, then do the opposite of what players asked for.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Have it branch off from both IS and KV-13, keep the KV-13 a medium, just take away from the KV the ability to unlock IS, problem solved.

  8. Anonymous says:

    After reading this i cannot agree more. They said they want to create another medium line for rear turreted meds with brand new T X so it would be nice? As you would have A44 splitting into obj416 med line and obj705A line, “line progression” would match (i dont know why so many downvotes tho:/)

  9. Shrike58 says:

    About the only good thing about this is that i could stand to work up a new Russian medium crew anyway…and I’ve never gotten rid of the IS.

  10. banjoman150 says:

    I prefer the KV-13 variant because it is actually one of the nicer tanks and it would give it a purpose because now noone really bothers to spend the XP to get it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    FU WG, you only listening russian servers crying feedback… I just etraned my crew for KV-13… FU WG!

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