MTLS-1G14 Straight From Supertest


This tier III Light tank is being anticipated on the live servers. The two-gun mechanic my pave the way for the two gun ST-2 heavy tank. The MTLS-1G14 is expected to be a highly mobile tank in the manner of the Tetrach.


  • Tier III,
  • Hit points. 230,
  • Hull Armor, 40/25/25 mm,
  • Turret Armor, 40/25/25 mm,
  • Hull traverse, 40 °/s,
  • Turret Rotation 44 °/s,
  • View Range, 280 m,
  • Max Speed, 55/20 kph,
  • Penetration, 45/61/19 mm,
  • Damage, 40×2/40×2/50×2,
  • Dispersion at 100m, 0.42
  • Aim time, 1.5 s,
  • Reload time, 4.6 s.

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20 comments on “MTLS-1G14 Straight From Supertest

  1. mredweird says:

    Well the tank has been in the game for quite a while but without the double gun mechanic. Very few people actually have it, though.

  2. peter otoole says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t this been in the game since around closed beta, I remember that running into one, and yes been destroyed by it, only time I ever saw one

  3. GreenEye says:

    No autocanon like it used to have ??
    Just checked a very old replay from jingles.

  4. Seth H says:

    They could do like the British Pom Pom gun (I think that is the one) where it shoots 2 rounds in succession, but instead of both shots being fired out of one gun they could have them fire from one then the other. That would be an easy coding change but still wouldn’t be the two-gun mechanics that people are waiting for.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This Tank is my dream come true comes out I will be playing this thing clubbn until there’s no tomorrow

  6. Anonymous says:

    And I guess for the bargain price of 100 euro?

  7. Xenomass says:


  8. howieeye says:

    I have wanted this tank “forever”. I was in a match where this thing ate everything in site… I must have it.. PERIOD

  9. Who cares the guns work independently now? Like this tank has worked the way it did for 6 years… know the Cap’n did a video on it and it wrecked everything it saw…

    Hope they make the rest of the autoloaders like in AW, would be so much nicer, why do I have to fire 2 30mms at once in my luchs? I want to single fire or go full, FULL auto…

    Priorities man, they are important!

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