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Finnaly AMX 40 in HD

Further to the Patch note article by DecoNoir we have a render of the last tank that is available to players to be made-over in HD. Bask in the magnificence.


Click for full size. Source WoT Express.

20 thoughts on “Finnaly AMX 40 in HD

  1. C’est magnifique!

    1. Good give it prefer match making now…

  2. finaly! you can’t resist touch yourself after seeing duck tank in all of its glory.

  3. Hey! Got any grapes??

    Man: no but we have some nice lemonade!

  4. What a quacker of a skin ! (Sorry)

  5. Can’t wait to paint this yellow !

    1. except you can’t… thanks WG. Well actually you can do a skin mod, but still.

      1. Just because we can’t paint every tank right now doesn’t mean we won’t be able to in the future

  6. And now they can start converting them to UHD :P.

  7. mon dieu….

  8. turret ring seems to be bigger. it’s like a tower now

  9. Can it please get buffed gun wise?

    1. Just give it Pref mm only sees up to tier 5

      1. Or grade it as a heavy tank because of gameplay. All tier 4 heavies get tier 5 max MM

  10. would be an acceptable pun for a Finnish tank… otherwise it’s “finally” 😉

  11. Now in HD the duck’s beak is so well rounded, it will bounce everything, even HE shells!

    1. More likely it will be slower…

  12. Can we apply non historic paints? Cause I need to “duck” it up.

  13. Nice, AMX 40 looking good.

  14. *Finally

    I’m shocked no one else has addressed this.

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