Obj. 705 Armor Update


Good day everyone,

Brief update, the absolutely ridiculous armor model of the Object 705 currently in testing is looking to be corrected during the second iteration of the 9.22 test server.

Until then, “enjoy” the ultimate turret of Stalinium death while you can!

11 comments on “Obj. 705 Armor Update

  1. Rondo Duo says:

    lol WG “made a mistake” on the Obj. 705 so they change it but forgets that the Obj. 257 has more turret armor than the IS-7 despite the 257 being a tier lower. Just one more reason why I avoid this game.

    • Uhm 257 definitely doesnt have the turret armour IS7 has, not saying its bad, its hella OP, but the turret has “weak” cupolas, but most importantly a 30mm roof…

    • Havoc199 says:

      Don’t forget that sideways at a 90 degree angle over 2 thirds are still an autobounce.

    • Yomir says:

      I’m ashamed to admit that I know the game in your name… God is watching us.

    • Liam says:

      Then why do you post here? Seems to me like you’re not avoiding this game since you have such existential updated knowledge.

      Just saying!

      • DZ says:

        shhhhh, they think they are relevant in the gaming community, and must therefore make sure they are never forgotten….even if nobody gives a sh** about their idiotic post that show they have no clue, and probably sport a 300 WN8

  2. Mario Scalas says:

    Bah, the Obj257 has other than usual weak points. I like the idea of having a “different tank” instead of the usual pro-tactices of permatrack and damage or just load 340mm HEAT and penetrate.

    • Nameless says:

      This thing, at tier 9, has better armor than the IS-7. Just the fact that its side armor is OP raises questions as to where WG is really heading to.

      Again, the old balance (aka actual weakspots, semi-accurate guns, premiums worse than their researchable counterparts) was much, MUCH better than the one we have right now. We now get premiums better than their researchable counterparts, the en-masse removal of weakspots, unbearable shot scattering… shall I continue?

      But hey, they get money. It’s all they really care about these days. And this is more than surely due to the game slowly, but surely dying. It seems they realized this so now they’re milking the cow to the point where all it’s left of it is its skin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i can’t even get on the test server. Every time I go to log on there’s a waiting queue of 5k to 20k players.

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