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WoT Supertest: Progetto M35 Mod. 46

Good day everyone,

Some proper news emerging at last, and here we have the first Italian tank released from supertest:


Tier: 8
HP: 1,400
Hull Armor: 60/30/20mm
Turret Armor: 80/40/25mm
Max Speed: 55/-20 kph
Turret rotation speed: 37.55 °/s
Rotation speed hull: 41.72 °/s
View Range: 390m
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 212/259/45
Reload: 9.59 – 16.3 s*
Magazine Size: 4 items
Accuracy: 0.32
Aim Time: 2.01 sec

*The new Italian machine will apparently have a new autoloading mechanic that will allow you to reload immediately after firing, rather than having to fire off the entire shell magazine. This is covered in the newest Dev Diary:



54 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Progetto M35 Mod. 46

  1. Please don’t tell me it is going to be an autoloaders line

    1. look at it this way. If they decided to fire all of their shots at once. The full reload timer will take longer then France autoloaders

      1. Yeah no, thats irrelevant. Because the first shell reloading is still shorter than a traditional autoloader reloading. I.E you can still shoot before they can. And in a situation were two autoloaders meet and unload, chances are they’re both on low health, so the end result is he who can shoot one more time first. Baring bad RNG, Italian tank wins =\

  2. I cannot freakin’ wait for this TBH. WoT’s community have long asked that a mechanic be implemented for “autoloading” tanks where the remaining shells in a magazine can be replenished. This ‘ready rack’ mechanic where the shells are constantly reloading, with reload penalties for every additional shell added on, is a very interesting an exciting mechanic. I personally cannot wait for the tier 8 prem to come out so I can get a crew going! Just wish I could add a female crew to them…..but I had to get the holiday op crew before they expired and threw them into the Pudel so I had an additional crew for poland /

  3. I don’t really see the point in releasing anymore generic like this when it’s rivals are almost identical.. if this game was a simulator with true specs and you were a enthusiast I get it. This game is to arcade to see any real difference, just another way to spend cash converting xp. Bring on half tracks or some kind of game change.

    1. You do realise this is far from generic? It is introducing a new mechanic into the game.

  4. Sweet! But choosing a final name for the tank is tricky. I mean, will it be bruschetta 35 or prosciutto 46?

    1. It’s decided, I’m calling it the Prosciutto (46). One less existential question. 🤣

    2. Prosecco?

  5. As this tank is Italian does that mean it could change sides midway during a game?

    1. I had an idea for each nation to have their own unique perks.
      For example, Soviet Tanks have 25% less repair cost, cost per vehicle than average. Faster repair but weak modules.
      While German Tanks cost 25% more but they have the best accuracy/battle performance in-game as well as dispersion after stop moving. But modules take 25% more time to repair.

      Something like that XD Just thinking~~~~

      Italian on the other hand, receive 25%/50% more experience and award at either Defeat or Victory. This idea requires a lot of memories and work I assume….

      1. It might be racist for some sensitive people….

      2. France tanks have more gears for reverse than going forward?

    2. Nope. That will be a speciality of the Romanian tech tree.

    3. lol, that would be a nice special feature = 100% win rate

    4. lol, that would be nice special feature = 100% win rate

  6. I like the 212 pen on normal shells while we have other tier 8 meds (T-34-2, T69) sitting on 180 while being matched against Japanese heavies… Also 2s aimtime, 0.32 (!!) accuracy … I wonder what the projectile speed is.

    1. T-34-2 is worse than Type 59, and it meets Tier 10. :v

  7. Ha autoloader function copy-paste from Armored warfare…

    1. or you know real life

    2. You are in.

  8. The “ready rack” mechanic is nothing new. you can find it on a number of vehicles in Armoured Warfare, such as the Stingray 2.

  9. IF it’s not historical Acurate your your point in removing the WtE100 is invalid.. hypocrite idiots..

    1. Angry emoji

    2. Did you forget that it was impossible to balance and was blatantly broken?

    3. B/c it was too OP and everything they did to nerf it either didn’t make a dent or went too far. Now shut up and enjoy ur Grille

    4. It wasn’t removed JUST because it wasn’t historical.

      It was also removed because it was broken and too hard to properly balance it.

    5. WT E100 was retarded, everyone new it, the tank had to go regardless

  10. Hull Armor: 60/30/20mm
    Turret Armor: 80/40/25mm.
    At tier 8 WG can get fucked!

  11. Most important question, are crews consist out of macaroni and pizzas?

  12. Hope it’s got restricted mm….. 80mm turret and 60mm hull is a joke against T 10s.

    1. Tell it to the Leo1 and some others.

    2. The TVP VTU is tier 8 too. Nothing to add.

  13. My girls und panzer collect may soon come to completion yet. Just need the polish tanks, the Italian tanks, and the Finnish BT-42

  14. more fucken broken shit we dont want or need

    1. Broken ? how?
      It has a bit more versatile auto-loader at the expense of load times.

      Reload: 9.59 – 16.3 s* is for a shell shell not a clip…

      so you can dump 960 damage into something then wait around a minute for a full reload or 16.3 seconds for your next single shot.

      or fire single shots with a reload of 9.59 seconds for each shell.

      or mix it up for a reaload time somwhere in between.

      As for want or need speak for yourself, I quite like the idea of a new firing mechanic.

      Finally as was stated in the video the figures above are going to change. WG can certainly make a mess of the balance but there is nothing wrong with the idea.

  15. Let’s make everything autoloading 🙂

  16. man I can hear all the Polish WoT players loosing their shit

    1. because Italy comes to WoT before PL? well, they should have kept looking for a way to buff their TKS tankette line up to tier X then. 😀

  17. okay, an autoreloading Pz. 58 mutz

    1. Despite the Mutz has about 3x thicker armour.

  18. All italy tank must have speed like ferari >)

    1. … and a daily mechanical breakdown like Alfa Romeo 😉

    2. I am fine with that, but why the armour thickness of a pizza?

      1. historical reasons, aka armour like mama used to make it

  19. Hope the Food Consumable will be Spaghetti XD

  20. You luck lucky bastards, some of you complaining that his would break the game, we on console still have tier 10 TDS with crazy view range and stupidly high alpha not to mention we still have the WT Auf E-100

  21. so. what happens when I switch shell typest

  22. to when it might be released:

    “Premium Tank Sales
    February has a surprise vehicle and gives a last chance to pick up an old favorite!

    Feb. 1-12: VII KV-122

    Feb. 2-6: VIII FCM 50 t (Last Chance)

    Feb. 8-26: VIII Primo Victoria

    Feb. 15-26: Surprise! [VIII Prosciutto (46)?]

    Feb. 22-Mar. 5: VIII Object 252U Defender ”

    source: NA server,

  23. […] WoT Supertest: Progetto M35 Mod. 46 […]

  24. Luckily i’ll have been paid before this is released 😀

  25. Another fantasy tank when they can do all the soviet and chinese variants in the north korean tech tree..

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