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Slim Pickin’s

A tiny little snippet or two. Three pics one of Airfield in HD and one of the possible tier one Italian tank the Fiat 3,000. Also a screen shot of the Italian tier 1 – ? basic models.

Front left to back right near row: Tier 1, Fiat 3000. L.6/40. M.13/40. M.15/42. P.40. P.43bis.

12 thoughts on “Slim Pickin’s

  1. Boring it should be the fiat 2000 instead… Im tired of the Renault clones..

    1. Agreed – it is now 5 tech trees (France, China, Japan, Russia, + Italy) using a FT-17 or derivative.

      1. The 3000 is way too big! It’s in the same category as the romboidal tanks. Maybe a premium?

  2. No CV33/35? No “Sahariano”??

  3. considering that the tier 6, 8-10 are missing im afraid we might get complete fakes at those ranks.

    1. No way! Fake tanks in WoT? Preposterous!!!

    2. I think so

  4. Nice, looking forward to the M15/42 and P40.

  5. Mediums?! We don’t want mediums, we want glass cannons! And FIAT 2000!!

  6. Maya Viewport lol

  7. they said they got something heavy for later and that this was only the medium line, I wonder where did they find it, maybe some technical military academy? some private ventures from Ansaldo?

  8. Mamma Mia!

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