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AMX 40 HD Model Screenshots

Good day everyone,

Title is pretty self explanatory (I hope):


And some unique camo and inscriptions to commemorate everybody’s favorite least-favorite tank:


9 thoughts on “AMX 40 HD Model Screenshots

  1. Kinda sad that we never got that speculated new turret and gun.

    1. Could always happen. It needs a buff. Maybe just that long 75 from the sarl 42?

      1. I’d even take the 3rd 47mm gun with 106mm pen from SARL. Rapid-quacking duck 😛

  2. Neat camo, but the AMX 40 still needs a few buffs.

  3. All it needs is 90-100mm pen & 1sec less reload and it will be a good heavy.

    Or give it it’s claimed 50kmh.

  4. my proudest fap ever

  5. Cant’ wait for custom paint to be available on all tiers so I can pant mine yellow, then everyone can see the glory of the DUCK!

    1. Big Bad Rubber Ducky skin is ready to roll once update hits :p

  6. Did not understand title,
    Drowned myself in local pond trying to catch Ducks…


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