WoT Codes for EU



  • To take part in this contest, either redeem the bonus code BAYERN or BESIKTAS here, depending on who you’re rooting for.
  • You can only use one of these codes.
  • The bonus codes can be redeemed until 20 February at 21:00 CET (UTC+1).

BAYERN gets you ten boosters and BESIKTAS gets double supplies. Redeem in the usual way in your account drop down menu.

Wargaming Announce World of Tanks VR


Yesterday there was a closed presentation  of World of Tanks VR. On Friday 23rd there will be a public presentation at a Moscow shopping center. To play a VR headset will be needed a HTC Vive no information about the Oculus Rift. There is as yet no schedule for release on either Console or PC. currently there is only one Winter map one tank type “T-44-100” and only a “Death Match” mode for 2-4 players.

We also have some pictures and screen shots. Click the pic for full size.

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“GaMePlaY eXpERT”



over on RSR’s Discord, which btw has reached over 1300 users! We were having a good laugh so I thought about sharing it with you.

I present you, the WoT Console’s “GaMePlaY eXpERT”:


If you think Murazor, a WoT PC is bad (not saying he isn’t, mind), MaxChaos manages to one-up him with a leg behind his back. This guy, the meme that keeps on giving, is now also the head of Supertest for WoT Console. Think for a minute, Wargaming Console fired a good level-headed employee that actually listened and engaged appropriately with the community to give this guy a promotion.

We also wondered what Serb would think of this “Gameplay Expert”, if you’ve been around long enough this was Serb’s opinion on the WT E100:

“Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.” – Serb, 1.3.2015, FTR Q&A

There’s no hard science on why WoT Console is the state it is…

Maps and more Maps


And the next version of the Polish map “Studyanka2” has turned up in supertest. Here we have a free camera video. Note the ammo loadout this player has. 33.3% heat so Wargaming 5% premium really ?? Your statement without context is meaningless. Enjoy.


Some In Map Easter Eggs


It would seem that the map artists have scattered group photos of themselves together with developers and other staff around the new HD maps.

These were found by “Arcane Spirit” one of the RSR Discord members.One each on Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg then two on Siegfried Line.

Here we also have several from the Russian blogs.

• 4 photos on El Halluf;
• 2 on Fjords;
• 4 on the new map Glacier.

It seems  even SerB is in them, but maybe it’s just a similar person.
And on the last photo of the Render Team the creator of the Core engine (far right).

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