Update 1.0: Remastered Graphics-Part One



From WoT portal:

Graphics are the backbone of creating a realistic battlefield from the ripped steel of a destroyed tank to the fauna and flora dotted around the map. Water, terrain, clouds, trees and more all individually combine to make up the most genuine battlefields created with the help of the new graphics engine.

In the wake of this major visual uplift, we invite you to take a closer look at how Update 1.0 will redefine World of Tanks looks through this three-part series. Today we will focus on the clouds in the skies and shadows.

What Makes a Game Look Realistic?

We all know graphics include: buildings, plants, other small objects but there are also some components you don’t see and they can be the most important. The lighting is a prime example —without proper lighting, everything just looks murky and details are lost—or terrain—without it, your tanks would just fall through the map! Sky and water also play their own parts—without them, it would just be dark and gloomy.

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Fair Play Policy Update


The eighth wave of bans for unfair/illegal mods has taken place. From WoT EU. RU and NA.

Third-party programs that manipulate gameplay by granting an unfair advantage are not welcome in World of Tanks. We’ve come a long way in weeding out harmful mods since we started taking action against cheaters. Recently, we penalized 4,056 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 490 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.

From RU cluster: So, we imposed restrictions on another 60,226 accounts for using forbidden programs and permanently blocked 5,156 accounts for a repeated violation.

From NA region: Recently, we’ve penalized 802 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 116 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.

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WoT Official Mod Hub


World of Tanks has an incredible and diverse community, with seemingly infinite degrees of creativity stemming from all corners of the globe. Over the years, you’ve developed many great mods that tinker with the game for the better. Some of them (view range circles, arty view, etc.) even inspired game features and are enjoyed by all tankers now. To show our support, we’re launching an official World of Tanks mod hub (currently available in English and Russian).

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World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.4


Good Afternoon, the EU portal for WoWp has just announced the release date and patch notes for patch 2.0.4. NA will be added later once information has been released.

The Servers will be down on February 28 from 04:00 CET until 08:00 CET ( UTC+1).


Brace yourselves for Update 2.0.4! With this latest update, we’re introducing the first opportunity to try out two brand new game modes, ‘Invasion’ and ‘Attrition’, alongside the new in-game event, Operation Westwall. Two high-flying new Premium warplanes are being added to the game as rewards for completing the event, while you can also look forward to new maps and other awesome changes. Read on to find out what’s new and different in Update 2.0.4!

New In-Game Event: Operation Westwall

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Two Map Musical Theme Videos


World of Tanks Europe have posted two map theme tune videos, Prokhorovka and Lakeville.

At the beginning of the theme, a soldier types out a dispatch, requesting reinforcements. The SOS signal breaks the silence, followed by the Belarusian song “Kupalinka”. The song is more than just an Easter Egg; it introduces us to a village located next to the battlefield. “Kupalinka” stands for the unity of the Slavic nations. A choir of traditional instruments strengthens the orchestra. Soon, reinforcements arrive: infantry and tanks. Victory is close at hand.

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WoT Developer Q&A


Good day everyone,

Recently the World of Tanks developers had an open conference to discuss plans for 1.0 and the future of the game. Here’s the newest info:

Preferential MM

  • Preferential MM will continue to slowly be phased out, even with vehicles that already have it. The first planned vehicle will be KV-5. The nature of those changes aren’t worked out yet. Though there will likely be the option for gold compensation or the rebalanced vehicle.
  • On that note, these plans exist only for Tier 8 premium tanks. Lower (and less expensive) tiers will likely have something different happen to them.


Crew and Crew UI Changes

  • The developers are working on a new system for some perks. One of these might be a new version of Sixth Sense that works automatically and is already active to a new commander.
  • There are also plans to change up the admittedly terrible crew and barracks UI.
  • In addition to changing skills, WG also want to work on possibilities for transferring the crew from tank to tank.
  • Most of these changes were prompted by the fact that the current crew skill system is pretty monotonous, with only a few essential skills being selected. The exact nature of these changes haven’t been made completely clear.
  • Testing for these changes should start sooner rather than later. A big part of this is communicating these changes to players with highly skilled veteran crews.

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