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World of Tanks – Micropatch 0.9.22_1.1

So far for EU only and no patch notes:

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 16.02.2018 for approximately 25 minutes:

  • WoT EU1 starting from 05:00 CET
  • Both servers starting from 05:30 CET
  • WoT EU2 starting from 06:00 CET

4 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Micropatch 0.9.22_1.1

  1. Ok slowly but surely i come to the conclusion that they make all those updates on purpose to annoy people who use mods.

  2. Looks like this one was sever-side only so mods still work.

    1. So what was the point of creating a new directory… WG logic…

      1. what folder? there’s no folder, only the one from dated from 14th

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