9 comments on “WoT 1.0 Loading Video

  1. Jurrunio says:

    Something wrong with the video? It stutters like mad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally got on the common test last night. I like 1.0. It feels refreshing and looks really nice, unless u’re a super negative person

  3. Liam says:

    It’s a clear indication your computers are Commodore 64s…

  4. I prefer the old song. Calm with progression. This new feels too much at same time.

  5. Mh says:

    It’s not bad but I still prefer the older one, even though the old ones not actual game footage it’s looks really dramatic in a real way, whereas this looks like their trying to show the new destruction engine. Imo the old one is way better.

  6. wew says:

    The last shot is pretty great

  7. chalupar says:

    Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found

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