Minsk Map in Art & Detail Stage.


Just a few photos of Minsk to date. From these we see that the 3rd test layout from October 2017 was chosen. This was previewed Here . The photos show it’s 1km square and designed for random battles also show the areas that the developers intend for various classes. Click photo to enlarge.

From WoT Clue

4 comments on “Minsk Map in Art & Detail Stage.

  1. guntherober says:

    Reminds me of Widepark, hopefully it will play better than than map

  2. heinz says:

    do you know what i dont like about maps in wot? when it is completely obvious and predeterminated where to go in which vehicle class…

  3. Harkonnen says:

    Again, this are my pics send to Dom1n that he decided to publish before me… 🙂

  4. loulakion says:

    that zoning is poorly made/explained :/

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