Some In Map Easter Eggs


It would seem that the map artists have scattered group photos of themselves together with developers and other staff around the new HD maps.

These were found by “Arcane Spirit” one of the RSR Discord members.One each on Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg then two on Siegfried Line.

Here we also have several from the Russian blogs.

• 4 photos on El Halluf;
• 2 on Fjords;
• 4 on the new map Glacier.

It seems  even SerB is in them, but maybe it’s just a similar person.
And on the last photo of the Render Team the creator of the Core engine (far right).


5 comments on “Some In Map Easter Eggs

  1. ArcaneSpirit says:

    I’m afraid I can’t take all the credit. SaphirBlau, a clanmate also found them alongside me. Interesting easter egg nonetheless, thanks for sharing!

  2. Would have been funnier if they replaced the big Lenin banner in Ensk with Serb…

  3. Anyone says:

    Like everything in 1.0, it’s cure maybe even pretty but totally pointless for improving the game play.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I found one Picture, which is not shown in this collection on Ruinberg inside of an area you are not supposed to enter.

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