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Update 1.0: Current Phase of the Test Server has Ended


The test server was stopped on February 21 at 13:40 (MSK). The server is currently being updated for the next iteration. No eta has been given.

16 thoughts on “Update 1.0: Current Phase of the Test Server has Ended

  1. To the testers out there, any comments? How did it go?

    1. Flat…..

      1. Everyone is saying that the maps are really flat right now, but when actually playing i didnt notice any change on almost all maps except like 2 where it was such a minor change that it didnt change the gameplay at all

    2. I really enjoyed it. The maps looked amazing. They changes to some of the maps were great. Overall Iā€™m excited for it.

    3. I was enjoying it. Not just because of the way the new maps looked, but also because of many of the geometry revisions/changes.
      It definitely reinvigorates my interest in playing WoT. Well, a bit.

    4. I can’t test gameplay very effectively due to high ping, but the update looks good, performs well and adds a few handy options (for example, hiding map borders makes taking pretty screenshots [ ] a bit easier šŸ˜€ )

    5. Statistics made irrelevant by a hail of premium ammo as always on test servers

      1. Sure, statistics yes. But what about the maps and the new engine?

      2. Then pick a tank with better armor. I played a lot of the common test and still blocked a shit ton of shots.

      3. Because premium ammo have effects on HD map test? Premium ammo going to unbalance light Fx or wave Fx?

    6. Being serious now. It looks great BUT none of the problems are being tweaked. MM still sucks,balance still sucks and bots will continue to ruin the game… I dont think hd maps will solve anything.

  2. Too many bugs.

  3. Kandly mentioned on the forums that the test server will go live again today (posted this before with the link but i guess that isnt allowed)

  4. Hopefully more optimization will happen, lost fps on the new maps.

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