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Italian Camouflage in 1.0

The two types of each camo for summer, winter and desert on the Progetto 46.

8 thoughts on “Italian Camouflage in 1.0

  1. The first two cammo looks really good winter are a little bit meh!

  2. I like the summer and desert camo styles. Winter is okay, but the two don’t seem distinct enough from each other.

  3. Yeah, both winter options just look like variations on badly white-washed.

  4. did you guys try the wot encore test?

  5. All a bit Meh. Can’t see difference betw. Winter 1 & Winter 2 (watching on my tablet).

  6. Is it just me or do none of the camos have a transparent bit? Bit strange they wouldn’t make good use of the new camo system with a new nation isn’t it? Maybe they’ll add more camos later, this is still early WIP of course.

    1. A bit transparent? They look more badly washed out than the german camos

  7. 1 peperoni pizza please


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