Italian Camouflage in 1.0


The two types of each camo for summer, winter and desert on the Progetto 46.

8 comments on “Italian Camouflage in 1.0

  1. Raggstukov says:

    The first two cammo looks really good winter are a little bit meh!

  2. Tyrud says:

    I like the summer and desert camo styles. Winter is okay, but the two don’t seem distinct enough from each other.

  3. Peter Nunn says:

    Yeah, both winter options just look like variations on badly white-washed.

  4. mirotordaji says:

    did you guys try the wot encore test?

  5. Winterx69 says:

    All a bit Meh. Can’t see difference betw. Winter 1 & Winter 2 (watching on my tablet).

  6. Brucalizer says:

    Is it just me or do none of the camos have a transparent bit? Bit strange they wouldn’t make good use of the new camo system with a new nation isn’t it? Maybe they’ll add more camos later, this is still early WIP of course.

  7. pppp says:

    1 peperoni pizza please


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