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PROGETTO M35 MOD. 46 HD Renders and Stats

Thanks to TheFalkonett for providing the HD Renders.


Here are also the stats from the 1.0 Testserver


11 thoughts on “PROGETTO M35 MOD. 46 HD Renders and Stats

  1. They got tye color right

  2. Just checked it out. What’s strange is that it’s an auto loader, but it can use equipment an auto loader normally can’t.

    1. the difference here is it’s not an autoloader, but in fact an “auto-reloader” as some are calling it, hence the ability to use the gun rammer we all know and love.

  3. looks very t44 iske….

    1. Think its closer to the type 74

  4. Paper armor all around lol. Still a good tank.

  5. I booted up Armored Warfare again for the first time in a while and noticed something. I played my old Merkava and saw it too had a ‘ready rack’ function. 4 shells in a rack, and it could fire each shell within 2.76s of each other, or take 7.87s to reload a shell fully. Just like here, if you fired another shell during the reloading process, then it reset it and started that 7s reload all over again. But what I thought was interesting was that, unlike in WoT as they’re proposing……the shell reload didn’t increase with each additional shell. It was a flat 7.87s to fully restock each shell of the full magazine. So reloading a ready rack in WoT takes WAY longer because they tack on time for each shell after that first one. I wonder why they did that….

    Either way, I’m excited for the introduction of a new mechanic in WoT

  6. Interesting. While it looks like a cool tank, the armor and camo rating look really poor.


  8. Very nice tank visually, also might be pretty good performer in right hands. I think “your average potato” won’t do much in it, though.

  9. I already have too many fake tanks, I’ll pass. Good luck to the spaghetti tankers!


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