9 comments on “World of Warships: Developer Diaries

  1. RagnarokBazil says:

    Its not April.. So it might be that Submarines are coming to wows

  2. Dr_Farticus says:

    Just proves WG do not take themselves seriously or their game platforms seriously.

    They are serious about taking your money though, and hope you thoroughly enjoy your experiences playing their games.

    “Can I please have my WT-E100 returned to me on PC please?. I spent over 100$ real world money getting it, and many human real world hours”… Reply: “no, WT-E100 players are retards”.

    After a day of tanking, I’m often logging off with a headache these days, don’t know about other hardcore players. I’m unsure as to how healthy that makes the gameplay experience, but then, I’m no Dr….

    • Sytricka says:

      Jesus Christ WG made a joke and youre taking it seriously?

    • Robopon says:

      Did you leave the same comment on every other news portal by any chance?

    • WhiteBaron777 says:

      Blaming the wrong people there, buddy. The people making the videos for the channel usually have no duties in wargaming other than community related ones. Blaming them for WG’s shitty ingame policies and decisions won’t change anything

  3. Now we need patriotic combat parrots too!

  4. StandupPhilosopher says:

    beware of flipper^^

  5. Lore says:

    Red Alert 2 memories~


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