Update 1.0.1: Lowdown on Tier VIII–X Italian Tanks


italian flag

From Wargaming.

The elephant in the room right now is the impending arrival of the Italian Tech Tree. Comprised of 11 new vehicles and fine-tuned following your feedback from Common tests, it joins the game May 2.

Compact, lightly armored, and mobile low-tier tanks, as well as mid tiers packing more firepower and better protection prepare you for the futuristic post-WWII designs at Tier VIII and up. Rooted in a group of prototypes developed during the Kampfpanzer Standart program, they’re equipped with autoreloader guns and compensate for inherently light armor with good mobility, decent gun depression and rate of fire.


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WoT Frontlines: Reward Camos


As we all know the Frontline mode will be making a return in the near future (soon after  the release of 1.0.1) and with it are three new sets of reward camouflage (what sets you unlock will apparently be dependent on how far along in the modes ranking system you get). Here they are displayed on a small variety of vehicles:

Set 1(For USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and China)

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Sherman Firefly in Supertest



This old girl looks to be in supertesting for rebalance purposes. The model looks untouched from the existing one. The stats screen came from WoT Leaks, the current stats caps are mine.

The current changes.

  • Damage per minute, 2,085.7 up from 1,997 :
  • Reload time, 4.315s down from 4.547s :
  • Rate of fire, 13.905 up from 13.313 :
  • Signal distance, 594.4 up from 573.6 :
  • Accuracy, 0.355 down from 0.364 :
  • Turret traverse speed, 48 up from 43.8 :
  • Hull traverse speed, 43 up from 40 :
  • Engine power, 400 bhp down from 460 bhp :
  • Specific power, 12.05 bhp/ton down from 13.82 bhp/ton :
  • Max speed forward, 43 kph up from 40 kph :

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The goods and bads about World of Tanks


Good evening everyone, MarkGFL ( formerly known as Aging Jedi) has posted a video talking about his love/hate relationship with World of Tanks adressing 5 things he hates and 5 things he loves about World of Tanks. He’s mentioning some valid points and i think that most of you can agree to him as well.

Czołg T wz51 Supertest changes


There is now second supertest version of the new Polish Premium tier VIII Heavy tank  with a few changes.

The changes:

    • Hp 1,500. down 50;
    • Shot dispersion From 0.345 to 0.364 m/100m. up 0.019 m;
    • Aimtime from 3.26s to 2.68s. down 0.58s;
    • Aiming circle spread on vehicle Movement up from 0.173 to 0.211 up 0.34;
    • Aiming circle spread on vehicle Travers up from 0.173 to 0.211 up 0.34;
    • Aiming circle spread on max. speed vehicle Movement up from 6.04 to 7.38 up 1.34;
    • Aiming circle spread on max. speed hull Traversing up from 6.56 to 8.02 up 1.46:

Czolg T wz51 ST2 English

Click this link for full size.

T-34 Exp. Supertest Stats Pt 2


This time we have an English overlay of fuller stats and some pics of the HD model. Click on the pics for full size.

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