Progetto M35 mod 46 On Sale in RU


This new Italian tier VIII Premium Medium Tank is already on sale in the RU Premium shop. This suggests that it’s stats are final. There are three packages and none are Gold laden. Some Pics at the bottom.

248,5RUB, 904 UAH, 67,8 BYN, 115,25KZT, 45,2 USD,


2999 RUB, 1100,UAH, 82,5 BYN, 139,99 KZT, 55 USD

3795 RUB 1380 UAH 103,5 BYN, 175,95 KZT, 69 USD


5 comments on “Progetto M35 mod 46 On Sale in RU

  1. Ricky Chu says:

    won’t buy these Italian pizza. unless WG carry out a limited special-Gold-paid crew conversion, like say “German -> Italian”.

    • Iddra says:

      are you retarded? that’s literally the point of premium tanks, why do you think they release 1 premium tank before the entire tree?

  2. ROMBAT says:

    I,ll buy it just for a naked italian female crew.


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