10 comments on “Straight from Supertest new map Berlin

  1. Bobmode says:

    ehm…the entry of the Reichstag looks in the wrong direction, trun it 180°

  2. NoComment says:

    It does not instantly fill me with the urge to vomit like some of their more recent efforts, looking at you Kharkov changes and of course Paris. Though it looks very flat and could do with more dips and bumps imo.

  3. wasn’t this map from like 2015 but they forgot about it for a long time

  4. Shadowhunter says:

    wasn’t this in that failed gamemode some years back ?

  5. Mike-T 2016 says:

    Another shit city map for fast brawling best your in a Russian or another HT to have any kind of fun

  6. TovarishTony says:

    War Thunder’s version of this map is better

  7. WoTs player with 31k battles says:

    This map is too flat, and lack vegetation once again. Can’t we have maps that work for all tank types, and not just heavies and mediums? Is Wargaming gonig to discourage all lite tank and TD play in the future? Seems like it.

  8. Dakado says:

    Buildings and everything in this map looks like from a 2005 game, not HD at all. First HD maps vere looking quite good but later they scrapped all the changes and instead of HD maps we have only reworked maps with a little bit more detail but it is far from what WG planned at first iterations of tests of HD maps.

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