New Soviet Tanks Estimated Arrival Time


Good day everyone,

Quick add on to the recent stats for the new Soviet tanks (latest stats here), showing where these will be going in the tech tree (granted, it’s not exactly hard to imagine), with the caveat that these are likely at least a couple of updates (as per Russian community sources). Any changes to this estimate timeline will be posted as soon as possible.

OogBfXnm5f8 (1).jpg

9 comments on “New Soviet Tanks Estimated Arrival Time

  1. partialist says:

    Is there a mod around that fixes up the lines to the Tier Xs line up again…

    It..bugs me that they’re like this.

  2. when it says “latest stats here” was that meant to be a link to the previous article on these two

  3. Anonymous anon says:

    This triggers my OCD

  4. Anonymous says:

    So many Soviet tanks…

  5. Anonymous says:

    So summer patch for the slow medium with that massive turret tumor and the fall patch for the nice heavy?

  6. TovarishTony says:

    WG logic where they make more prototypes and paper tanks than real tanks at high tiers.


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