7 comments on “Developer Diaries: Polish Tech Tree – Part 2

  1. Synvy (Tea) says:

    “Original” Tank. There we go…

  2. MrNukki says:

    These tanks look quite interesting, I can’t wait for a full reveal of them 🙂

  3. armando30wot says:

    I’ll wait for someone to actually come out and present proof of their existence or non-existence before making my opinion on them, although I’ll just say that I think it’s odd that both in the Italian and Polish cases someone would study the tank developement of other nations and yet would not have projects for all types of classes

  4. Looks like a mash-up of a stock conqueror and a defender, which was then flattened. Excited for when this comes out and looking forward to what else this tree introduces.


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