7 comments on “Graphics Evolution: The Future Begins with 1.0

  1. Kyros says:

    Oh issues on Glacier ! Who would have know this ? Im shocked ! No one expected any issues, their 48% tomatoe supertesters said its a great map.

    There will also be no problems with Polak Prem Heavy that has 300m frontal armor on Tier 8 that is literally the spy stolen Russian data of the Obj. 777 II.

    Im glad there is also no problem with 268 4 and 430U, they are well balanced Tanks and are a great addition to the high Tier gameplay.

    • Benjeeh_CA says:

      Dont see any issue with the 430U. 268 v4 on the other hand

    • Anonymous says:

      Glacier might just be the worst map ever.

      • Ion7 says:

        I legitimately would like to hear people’s criticisms of the map. For me, I play each class (less arty) and find glacier to be one of my favorites. South road is good for low gun depression and quick heavies; middle ridge food for mediums and lights, northwest is great for autoloaders and heavies. Great spots for tds that are counterable and not too covered. I’ve heard many say it’s bad but tbh I can’t find anything unbalanced or that I hate about it.

    • DickHerMax says:

      Why do you write “Polak” but then “Russian” instead of “Ruskie”?
      Frustrated Russian?

      It could not be spy-stolen cuz Poland became part of the Warsaw Pact after the war, thanks to allies having problems with stomach in Yalta. This means they would not even be allowed to develop any plans based on that nor manufacture this tank if it was so much of a secret OP tank, just like T-64 or T-62, don’t remember, one of them were used only by the soviets due to it being OP, Warsaw Pact members got only the older model.

  2. Benjeeh_CA says:

    Now if they could just fix the hit boxes on rocks

  3. Anonymous says:

    It would be great if my shells would stop hitting invisible rocks. How many time am I aimed in with nothing but the tank in my sights, fire, and see “rocks and crap” fly up in the air. this happens every single game on every damn map. 🙁


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