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WoT- An Old Map to Return “Port”

From Vitaly Lashkov (Art Director Wargaming).

Old maps, ohh … we have a variant of the old map “Port” to return. It is very cunning, two in one.



22 thoughts on “WoT- An Old Map to Return “Port”

  1. Now we just need dragons ridge to come back!

    1. They said Dragon’s Ridge isn’t coming back. Sadly.

      1. Yep, “Definitely NOT Dragon Ridge” were the exact words, do you have any idea why?

      2. They said the same thing about Port when they removed it way back then

  2. Jerry here

    look at the consumables, I don’t know if there was already a post about this. Maby I missed it, if so just delete this message please.

    1. That fourth window is for the crew skills not an extra comsumable.

      1. Nah. I meant the Artillery Strike, Airstrike, Recon Flight, Smoke Screen, Inspire and Engineering consumables. is taking its data directly from the gamefiles itself, this time from the testserver files.

    2. Youre talking about the recon scans and arty strike consumables? Those are for frontlines.

      1. Ok guess I missed that, never played that disbalanced mode and never will. Thx for the information.

  3. I loved port. Good to have it back.

  4. Love the map. Always did. Best map for Super Mario tank kills <3

  5. it would be nice if they add hidden village and sacred valley again… I actually enjoyed playing on both of those maps

  6. ah, the coffee race map =D

  7. eh wait isn’t that just the old map? like i know they say they’re interested in bringing Port back but nothing solid on that one yet

  8. I really enjoyed that old map. I would like to see more of the old maps come back. Dragon Ridge!

    1. They already said dragons ridge was not coming back sadly it was a fun map to play on though

  9. There are so many old maps i would like back but not this one. Its only a good map for heavy tanks and Russian mediums…

  10. Oh man, i remember starting playing World Of Tanks in days it was removed and played on it only once.

  11. The memories are better than the map.

  12. I remember it when I still had my t50-2

  13. I want to see Komarin and Dragon Ridge come back


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