22 comments on “WoT- An Old Map to Return “Port”

  1. James Morten says:

    Now we just need dragons ridge to come back!

  2. Kyros says:

    Jerry here


    look at the consumables, I don’t know if there was already a post about this. Maby I missed it, if so just delete this message please.

  3. Wot Gamer says:

    I loved port. Good to have it back.

  4. sturmi0545 says:

    Love the map. Always did. Best map for Super Mario tank kills <3

  5. Anonymous says:

    it would be nice if they add hidden village and sacred valley again… I actually enjoyed playing on both of those maps

  6. ah, the coffee race map =D

  7. wolvenworks says:

    eh wait isn’t that just the old map? like i know they say they’re interested in bringing Port back but nothing solid on that one yet

  8. Never mind says:

    I really enjoyed that old map. I would like to see more of the old maps come back. Dragon Ridge!

  9. Walter says:

    There are so many old maps i would like back but not this one. Its only a good map for heavy tanks and Russian mediums…

  10. Rapikol says:

    Oh man, i remember starting playing World Of Tanks in days it was removed and played on it only once.

  11. Silversound says:

    The memories are better than the map.

  12. Ragnarokbazil says:

    I remember it when I still had my t50-2

  13. Twitch says:

    I want to see Komarin and Dragon Ridge come back


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