Supertest: 1.0.2 Common Test #2 Changes


List of changes for the second iteration of the 1.0.2 Common test:

  • Fixed the issue that caused the client interface to hang upon excluding the player from the Platoon.
  • Fixed the issue of the award ribbon overlaying the text in the battle results window (in the Team Result tab).
  • Removed unreasonable invisible walls on the Tundra map.
  • Fixed several technical issues related to vehicle customization.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the customization Garage to look too dark at the low graphics settings.
  • Fixed several visual issues in Bootcamp.

Changes to the U.S.S.R. vehicles

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles: Continue reading

WoT Supertest: Object 726


Good day everyone,

So this is a thing: a four-tracked Object 726 is now a Tier X in supertest at the moment. Here are the stats:


  • Tier: 10
  • HP: 2400
  • Hull Armor: 200/150/90mm
  • Turret Armor: 350/150/90mm
  • Engine Power: 850hp
  • Turret Traverse: 32 deg/sec.
  • Hull Traverse: 30 deg/sec.
  • View Range: 400m
  • Speed: +40/-13kph
  • Power to Weight: 14.2
  • Penetration: 258/340/58mm
  • Damage: 440/440/530
  • Accuracy: 0.35
  • Aim Time: 2 sec.
  • Reload: 9.6 sec.
  • Depression/Elevation: -5/+15 deg.

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