20 comments on “Object 430 Version II Supertest Stats

  1. CynicalDutchie says:

    So they finally made the top gun on this an actual upgrade over the stock one?

  2. cluster626 says:

    Armour nerf? Well it makes sense since it’s tier X won’t have much armour either

  3. Anonymous says:

    All inn really seeing is an armor nerf, better accuracy, +10 to view range, and some VERY minor tweaks to speed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am i reading this wrong? Seems to me they buffed the gun and deleted the armor.

  5. Synvy (Tea) says:

    Aim time buff dpm buff
    Hull Frontal – 80 Please no Thanks.

  6. SquishyStar says:

    Left: Old stats from tanks.gg
    Right: New stats

    DPM: 2502,86 | 2669,7 (+166,84)
    Reload Time: 7,67s | 7.192 (-0,478s)
    Rate of Fire: 7,82 | 8,343 (+0,523)

    Accuracy: 0,36 | 0,336 (-0,024)
    Aim Time: 2,78s | 1,92s (-0,86s)
    (They’ve also buffed the dispersion on the move, after shot, etc. but am too lazy to note them down :3)

    Health: 1700 | 1600
    Hull Armor: 120 / 80 / 40 | 80 / 60 / ? (Stalinium getting nerfed?! o – o)
    Turret Armor: 248 / 185 / 63 | 180 / 120 / ?

    View Range: 390m | 400m

    The rest is unchanged (So far).

  7. Infernal969 says:

    So they are aimng to make it as useless as Obj. 416?

    • Ulysses says:

      Obj 416 isn’t useless lmao. One of the better standard tier 8 mediums.

    • Robopon says:

      416 is a great TD. If you don’t know how to play it just say so, we’ll understand.

      • Infernal969 says:

        It has no accuracy and no pen so you can’t bushwank with it (3/5/7 games all the time are absolutely great!)
        It has no gun depression, no armor, no HP and the turret doesn’t even traverse fully so you can’t brawl for shit.
        Yeah, other than being absolutely worthless it’s a great tank. It has great qualities for corridory, hilly imbalanced superheavy crapfest that this game turned into.

        Something tells me that you are another ‘tank expert’ that hasn’t touched the tank you are talking about in over a year. You know, just a feeling.

  8. yeah. gj wg, lets remove the only good part about it tank, the good armour, and buff it with someting useless like slicly more dpm…

    • OpaKnobbi says:

      You mean something as “useless” as way better accuracy and an extreme sometime buff? LOL
      The gun buffs seem to be pretty significant to me, so significant that they definitely should more than compensate for the armor loss.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s turret sucked anyway. I’d rather have a better gun then more armor with flat spots.

  9. Never mind says:

    It makes since the K91 will be a sniper, the Obj 416 is a sniper, the 430 o.o should change to be a sniper. It was crazy to put a brawler at tier 9.

  10. Anonymous says:

    430 v2 was utter crap for last year or two, and now it will be even shittier, and i was the one of the idiots that already grinded some 260k xp on it for new tier 10 that will be utterly useless. the only thing that brought me joy related to this tank is that i sold it with a big smile on my face and with words of total relief on my mouth: “NEVER AGAIN!”

  11. Anonymous says:

    But the camo value is so good. Almost 30% standard. With good crew it will be much higher.

  12. WG/\/!663RZA3DZ says:

    more stupid trash made up RU monkey tanks that are “balanced, not OP and unbaised”

  13. RwD says:

    better to add some thing under-powered, vs the over powered stuff that should never made it past super testing ie.. 268v4


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