Because History is Important



I hope everyone is enjoying the good weather and those in the UK, hope you are also having a great Bank Holiday!

And because history is always important, here’s a post from “I’m an expert in tank warfare because I play WoT and watch Girls und Panzer” of “Russian troops washing a T-34-85 wearing only their undergarments as a punisment for retreating during the Battle of Kursk, in the freezing Winter of 1944.



7 comments on “Because History is Important

  1. lywellyn says:

    ? Not seeing any post?

    • cluster626 says:

      The post doesn’t seem to work in the WordPress mobile app (in fact, many other features don’t work either and their dev should really work on this)
      But if you visit the original website it should work.

  2. blockhaj says:

    Another reason to hate fake vehicles in wot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have to login to facebook to watch a video? Nah

  4. Anonymous says:

    wasn’t burst summer 1943?

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