8 comments on “WoT Console: Dev Q&A with Leo Flores

  1. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    I can never watch these videos because they never seem to be serious about anything

  2. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    So fucking shit

  3. DIADTEC says:

    just a reminder that these devs suck so much at the game that they refuse to remove the wt.aufe100, otherwise they cant compete in tier 8 and up

  4. Tanker01 says:

    This isn’t an article but simply a copy paste link. If you’re going to pretend that you’re a blog author, at least go through the effort and summarize the video’s news and not just lazily post a link and call it a day. This article and it’s author are no better than the lazy devs you’re so eager to criticize.

  5. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    I wouldn’t even call them Devs Raibot is an admin on the forum and he is just an idiot, why do a Q&A when you don’t actually answer anything useful

  6. nooblet says:

    Worst livestream ever!


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