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  1. Nighthuntertauren says:

    Is that a medium a heavy or a TD? Love the alpha on in. Please tell me it’s another guard medium or a big barrel heavy

    • Benjeeh_CA says:

      I’d even be fine with something similiar to a conway with the 4.5inch

      • armando30wot says:

        I would say it looks like a lower profile Centurion/Conway, kinda like a mixture of the Centurion and FV4202, and the turret seems like a preliminary design for the one installed on the Conway, in fact it seems to me like an enlarged Valentine Mk.IX turret (the one that mounted the 75mm QF gun, also the top turret in WoT), by the overall rounded shape together with the pronnounced trunnion behind the mantlet

    • heinz says:

      Its not a TD. it has too many hitpoints for it to be a TD. But either way I dont like the idea of premium tanks with that high alpha damage. actually i hate the idea. and i hate the skorpion g. and i hate all the new premium tanks. remember when they called Patriot op? by nowadays standarts Patriot is average.

      • Anonymous says:

        Remember when the Type 59 was a terror. Now people laugh at it when they see it and it is mostly just a collector tank. Power creep kills. Takes your money and leaves you poorer for it.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a medium, you can see the medium symbol near the name in the stats screenshot

    • James K says:

      it should be a heavy

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a mediums

  2. DankMemer says:

    Lil Conway at tier 8 with fully rotatable turret ? FeelsP2WMan…. Dank tonk

  3. Morganator says:

    Edd …. ward

  4. NoComment says:

    Its a T9 med! I wonder what the Tx might be 🙂 …Hope so.

  5. DiamondDust971 says:

    490 alpha??

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do we need more premium tanks?

    C-No, but at least they are not soviet

    This tank looks like a more balanced skorp G,. Why not increase pen and make it a td?

  7. mredweird says:

    Wait, what? Massive alpha and good accuracy, fast, very good armor for tier…this is a medium tank?

    • Benjeeh_CA says:

      Wouldn’t consider 114mm frontal good for a tier 8 it kinda follows most British only having decent turret armour

  8. DankMemer says:

    Its tier 8 premium medium, scrubs . Jove(russian cc ) did a video on this tank 3rs ago

  9. armando30wot says:

    I joked about it in the comment section of the post about the Excalibur but, this is starting to look more and more like a 3rd TD line, let’s say they add the AT-1 (turreted) at tier 5, the Tier VI is the Excalibur with either the 76mm/17pdr gun or 120mm DERP (AT-1 should also have access to some kind of derp), now they leak this tank with a 127mm (5″) cannon at Tier VIII
    notice that the description mentions the IS-3, and so we can assume it was proposed in response to it, since it seems to have a similar origin like the Challenger, Chariotier, etc (upgunning tanks to deal with stronger enemy tanks), it could well be a new TD line (athough this is currently classified as a medium) with large caliber guns leading to the FV215b(183) (it’s removal never made sense)
    either way the gun is way too large for a medium, even for british mediums that focus on sniping, it is clearly a gun for a gameplay that focus on big hits rather than DPM, with 490 avg dmg it becomes a good KO gun for damaged tanks

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a medium, it has it in the symbol on the top left.

      • armando30wot says:

        «athough this is currently classified as a medium»
        fortuntely I’m not blind and mentioned exactly that, but that (like everything else) is still subject to change during supertest, I just gave my opinion on how a vehicle with a similar rate-of-fire to the T30/T34 and such massive Alpha Damage will in fact play like a TD and not like a medium tank
        490 AVG DMG will be extremely usefull at KO damaged enemies while it’s 4.4 shots per minute won’t help it in the typical gameplay of a medium of getting on the flank and taking advantage of the DPM and ROF, especially since it has MT armour and cannot fight head on

        on a last thought, it would not be the first time WG switches the class of a tank between supertest iterations, it also wouldn’t be the first time they change a tank classification ingame despite it’s RL classification

  10. Dracon says:

    Some kind of Heavy Tank concept that was never built probably. 5 inch gun, so 120mm something 490 alpha. Some decent armor, decent speed and manuevering too. Interesting tank

    • armando30wot says:

      5 inch = 127mm
      furthermore the description shows the Medium Tank symbol, the problem is that it does not fit british MT gameplay where you snipe enemies with decent/good DPM, this gun is ideal to KO targets that are already damaged with it’s 490 AVG ALPHA DMG, the type of gameplay more suited for a TD

      on top of that they have recently released the Cent. Mk.5/1 RAAC as a premium which would make them look bad release another right after

  11. Infernal969 says:

    World of Pay 2 Win, da, da, all is good, comrade.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Its getting out of control

  13. Wait a minute… the chassis and rear hull (engine compartment) looks a lot like the Chieftain… Coincidence?

    The frontal hull is different, though… A Chieftain prototype, mayhaps?

    • crumlicharts says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. Despite it being a beefy gun, it’s got an AP/APCR/HESH ammo selection and .33 accuracy, so it’s clearly not intended to be a derp cannon. This is a nimble tank with a big, accurate gun and solid turret armor… Definitely sounds like a Chieftain to me!

  14. Wait a minute!!! Isn’t that a Chieftain chassis? The front is a bit different, but the chassis and rear hull are quite similar… A Cieftain prototype, mayhaps?

  15. 50 km/h with 18 hp/t
    2.4s aim time
    0.33 Accuracy
    490 Dmg
    Useless standard ammo, but 252 premium…

    Seriously what the fuck is this besides a terrible joke? Next fuckup vehicle incoming…

  16. James K says:

    make it a HEAVY.. we already have plenty of tie r8 belrit meds… 4202, cent 5/1, chief/95

    Shit this could easily go towards a new branch going to the chieftain. This to the vickers MBT to the chieftain

  17. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Russians are in frenzy: “Oh no, 490 alpha and it’s not a Commie tank? What is this sorcery?”.

  18. crumlicharts says:

    Turret Traverse Limit of 10? I asusme that’s 10 degrees left, 10 right? Seems like a good way to keep this thing from being a little too crazy.

  19. Shadowhunter says:

    Tier 8 Medium tank with more alpha than any of the tier 9’s and 10’s ?

    typical WG

  20. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a really good tier 9 heavy, but with better gun handling compared to the E75 gun that uses.Conqueror lvl good but conqueror is slow and it is tier 9 🙂

  21. wolvenworks says:

    with that 202mm pen, think of it like a better super sherman with slower reload

  22. Renarde_Martel says:

    I like me some big and boxy British tanks… but why is this a Medium?

  23. Kwixis says:

    IT looks like a British Vickers MBT, a tank that served as a prototype for the chieftain, at least to me 🙂

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